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     Qingdao Ugawa Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the outskirts of Qingdao, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, strategic location and convenient transportation, surrounded by Jiqing, Yinchuan Expressway after from the airport, ports, railway stations are less than half an hour's drive. The company has strong technical force, the strength of the economy, is a professional hobbing machine, large hobbing machine, heavy duty gear hobbing machine, CNC hobbing machine, vertical lathe manufacturing enterprise. Hobbing machine series production in strict accordance with the design requirements, adapt to processing straight teeth machine, helical gear and turbine, high precision machining, good quality, easy to use, the majority of users, trusted by the new and old customers. The company also contract other mechanical equipment design, processing and installation business.

    I for the Founding of technological innovation, the quality of corporate life, through the establishment of a sound R & D, manufacturing, testing and after-sales service system, improve enterprise management level and service level.

    The services of the company to the "integrity, efficiency and quality", and the concept of "unity, open, progressive" dedicated to the new and old partners to strengthen cooperation, work together to create success.

     Quality products, from heavy and strict quality control, production and quality control of the implementation of ISO9001 international quality system standards, every process, national standards prevail point, and the establishment of a full range of quality management system, "Yu Chuan Series products are excellent quality market.

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Telephone: 0532-82579652 address: Industrial Park, jimo city, Qingdao port Nanquan Loan machinery 1th Yu-chuan road,